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apple homepod homepod iphone x

Why HomePod Is Another Hit Already

HomePod has been released and as usual for an Apple hardware release, views have been polarizing. Unanimous in praise for the incredible sound produced from such a small unit, many critics are lambasting it’s lack of overall functionality. These critics have a point, however they are missing the bigger picture.

apples homepod

Apple always does this. Launches a polished looking product that is seemingly short on features. Doesn’t integrate with this service or app, no cross platform functionality, the usual gripes. The thing is, none of this matters to Apple. None of this will matter to the people who buy the HomePod. And it will sell, and sell very well no doubt.


Apple customers want a product that works well with their iPhone. Period. Look at the EarPods. Mocked and derided at launch, they are now easily the most seem wireless earphones to be seen hanging out of people’s ears. Why you ask? Because they work, work well and with  minimal hassle. They connect quickly, charge conveniently and are very polished. The HomePod will be exactly the same.

Will a Bose or Sonos speaker connect as quickly and seamlessly to an iPhone? Nope. It will cost as much but won’t work as well. It won’t have Siri, for all her faults, she’s quite useful. It won’t have the resell value. It won’t be an APPLE speaker.

And that is what people want, and will buy. So get used to the HomePod, shes here to stay!