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Why A 4 Inch iPhone 6 Is A Great Idea

Rumors are abound that Apple will release 3 iPhone models this year. An updated 6 and 6 Plus (likely under the ‘S’ name). The surprise model is strongly rumored to be another C model, similar to the iPhone 5c.

Successiphone 6c

Contrary to popular belief, the 5c was not a failure. It sold in its millions, was a solid handset and still holds a strong resale value. Based on the previous years hardware, the iPhone 5c was a fun looking phone that still held a premium feel. Apple really does have some of the best designers in the world; other companies make plastic phones look and feel cheap (I’m looking at you, Samsung).

Part of the genius of the iPhone 5c was it’s fun factor. Coming in a range of colors, it appealed directly to a younger audience. It still appeals to this audience today. This achieves a very important aim; create brand loyalty from a very young audience. A large percentage of these iPhone 5c owners will go on to own more iPhones, iPads, Macs etc. A company that has you in its ecosystem makes it very hard for you to leave.

Apple Life

Once in the Apple ecosystem, these youngsters buy apps, music, movies. It is not attractive to move to Android or Windows Phone having spent a lot of money on iTunes apps and media. Apple are no doubt seeing the iPhone 5c’s influence on the 6 and 6 Plus already; they have sold a colossal amount of units.

So, these young owners get a 5c as a gift, off Santa or they save their money. They grow up with Apple, want the latest model and stay committed to the Apple Life. These are young kids, some preteens. Over the next ten years they will have a lot of disposable income and you can be sure Apple will get a large chunk of that.


Now Apple could not have released another ‘C’ model last fall at the 6 announcement. The 2 larger iPhones had to be the centerpiece; nothing could deflect from their big news. Indeed, the iPhone 5c is still a great phone. It has received the latest iOS updates regularly, runs all apps easily and multitasks no problem. The camera is still top notch too, better than many rival flagships released in 2015 so far.

It is fast, fun, has LTE and is available free on many carrier plans. Apple still sell it on their website and we all know Apple doesn’t support bad selling products.

However, it is due an update.

iPhone 6c

An iPhone 6c would be a great idea. As popular as the iPhone 6 has been, it is a little too big for some loyal Apple fans. The 4 inch phone definitely has market today, even in the age of tablet-sized smartphones.

Users with small hands, kids, older users; these people all want a smaller iPhone. But they also want great hardware. As good as the iPhone 5c still is, hardware moves at a frenetic pace. An updated processor and camera in a smaller iPhone would sell like hot cakes. Coupled with a slightly lower price point (Apple doesn’t do cheap), a 6c is a wonderful idea.

Will we see this model this year? Perhaps, maybe even earlier than their huge fall event. Accessory manufacturers are beginning to leak case plans already, however this could be idle gossip. Whatever happens, an iPhone 6c is something this writer would love to see.