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What Is Next For iOS?

What Is Next For iOS?

-More Widgets

The notification center widgets present in iOS are a subtle, but huge, step forward for the iPhone ecosystem. They have shown Apples keenness to move forward with the operating system, ableit at their own pace
A few years ago, widgets of any kind were unthinkable on iOS. Now Android has had them since almost the beginning; Windows Phone has its ‘Live Tile’ type of widget. Apple has been reluctant to change anything until recently. Yet this step is a massive indication of things to come.
Now, I still do not think that the home screen will be littered with app widgets in revisions to come. This is just not Apples style. However expanding the notification center widget array would be a popular and smart thing to do.
This would enable Apple to keep the classic ‘tidy’ screen they are so fond of, while giving a more advanced view when swiping down from top of screen.

-Rearranging Homescreen

I feel it is time for Apple to loosen the shackles of the home screen slightly. Apps still must run in a nice tidy order from top left of screen to bottom right. Of course you do not have to fill the whole screen; but this rigidness can prove frustrating.
It would be great to be able to arrange your app icons in frame around the screen; perhaps around a photo of a loved one or cherished memory. Or put an app in each corner, nice a tidy. Users could design their own pattern of apps, while keeping with Apples design style quite easily.

-Toast notifications

This is a big want. Actually you can transfer this to some Android apps (Hangouts, I’m looking at you)
The ability to reply to toast notifications, quickly and easily while staying in my current app, would be amazing. Apple has excellent processors and a silky smooth OS, switching between apps is a nice experience. Yet it is a broken experience when you receive the notification and then have to leave what you are doing/watching/playing.
A little flexibility here would be outstanding, a real plus for iOS and moving forward.

-Expanded sharing

Android has sharing sewn up. I mean, you can share pretty much everything, everywhere. Apple has come on in recent years, but still has a long way to go.
The default apps for sharing; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc are great, but it really needs to be brought to the next level.
Apple easily has the ability to bring so many trusted partners to their sharing network on the iPhone. This would not compromise security, as they seem to fear, and really make a statement to Android that iOS is now a flexible and more social platform than ever.

What are YOUR wants for the next generations of iOS??