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  • How To Close Apps on iPhone X

    How To Close Apps on iPhone X

    How To Close Apps on iPhone X & iPhone XS In the latest version of iOS, to date this is iOS 12.1, there has been an improvement in the way apps are closed on the iPhone X, iPhone XS & XS Max and iPhone XR. Here’s how; Swipe up and hold to open the multitasking […]

  • iPhone 6 Battery Woes

    Apple has recently acknowledged that a small number of iPhone 6 may suffer a battery issue which can cause the phone to switch off at 30% Apple has stated this is only affecting a small batch of the iPhone 6 model but has still not made any decision on how to deal with the issue. […]

  • iPhone SE announced

    Today Apple announced what has been rumored for months now; the iPhone SE. Lets take a look…. Rocking the same internals as the iPhone 6s, bar the force touch feature, the iPhone SE is the new compact yet powerful handset from Apple. Some customers prefer a smaller form factor, the iPhone SE offers just that. […]

  • iPhone 7 and beyond…..

    iPhone 7 and beyond…..

    Apple recently released figures to their stock holders stating that iPhone market growth is slowing and expected to continue on this trend for the foreseeable future. For most companies, this is seen as a very negative thing, but for Apple, not so much. Apple has simply sold so many iPhones, infiltrated and dominated so many […]

  • How Apple Watch Has Exceeded Expectations

    How Apple Watch Has Exceeded Expectations

    When Apple announced the Apple Watch, it was met an air of cynicism and an underwhelming sense that Apple had finally messed up a product launch. Android Wear had been out a while and it looked like Apple was playing catch up. Many commentators pointed out its unusual app layout, likely terrible battery life and […]

  • Is the iPhone 6 Hurting iPad Sales?

    Is the iPhone 6 Hurting iPad Sales?

    Is the iPhone 6 Hurting iPad Sales? Short answer, yes. Tim Cook also admitted it as fact when questioned. As a public company, Apple are obliged to give earnings reports to the market; this shows iPad sales are down over 20%. This, however, is unsurprising. Once Apple decided to release the larger iPhones, it knew […]

  • Why the Galaxy S6 Will Just Give Apple More Customers

    Why the Galaxy S6 Will Just Give Apple More Customers

    Why the Galaxy S6 Will Just Give Apple More Customers So the iPhone 6’s biggest competitor has been released, the reviews are in and by all accounts it is a top quality smartphone. Build quality, speed, screen and camera have all been improved and are now class leading in the Android field. But the Galaxy […]

  • iPhone 6 For Beginners

    iPhone 6 For Beginners

    Many people will choose an Apple mobile as their first ever smartphone. The iPhone 6 for beginners guide should provide a solid introduction for any newbie iPhone 6 or 6 Plus owners. 1. Unboxing. Open you new baby carefully, go easy with the knife or scissors on the packaging. You do not want to damage […]

  • Why A 4 Inch iPhone 6 Is A Great Idea

    Rumors are abound that Apple will release 3 iPhone models this year. An updated 6 and 6 Plus (likely under the ‘S’ name). The surprise model is strongly rumored to be another C model, similar to the iPhone 5c. Success Contrary to popular belief, the 5c was not a failure. It sold in its millions, […]

  • iPhone 6 Tutorial Part 3

    We have covered moving from an older iPhone to the newest iPhone 6 here, now time for the latest part of our iPhone 6 tutorial. For users who prefer video based tutorials, there are some great ones at this link. Moving from Android to iPhone 6 The release of the iPhone 6 has seen record […]