iphone 11 XI

iPhone XI (11) News and Rumors

2019 will see the release of the next gen iPhone, as the 12 month refresh cycle continues. While most large Android manufacturers settle into a 6-month cycle for some oft their flagship devices, Apple stick to the yearly update.

As last year was an ‘S’ year, we should be getting the iPhone 11 (XI) this year. And yes, you must call it ‘eleven’, not ‘Ex Eye’

So, what can we expect? Let’s take a look.

Reverse Charging

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro impressed many with it’s reverse wireless charging back in late 2018, giving owners the option of letting their phone be used as a wireless charging pad essentially. It was a little bit of a gimmick, charging was very slow and not that practical in real world use.

Samsung have added a similar feature to the S10 models but it suffers from the same issues, slow charging and impractical.

We expect Apple to offer a similar feature on the new iPhone, however it will be aimed towards EarPod users most likely. THe newxt gen EarPods are going to be announced most liekly around the same time and the ability to charge the small abattery off the rear of your iPhone is a cool option. Remember, Apple’s little wireless buds are highly regarded in the their niche space and giving them extra functionality is bound to sell even more.

Smaller iPhone Notch

Apple aren’t ready to move on from 3D face unlock, and it really is best in class. They may, however, slim the notch area where the cameras are housed. Apple loves making things smaller and thinner, shrinking the notch would be a great step towards that. With fully notch-less phones beginning to appear, Apple will want to up the design game. In Jony Ive we trust!

Courtesy of @OnLeaks (Twitter)

Triple Cameras

Apple love having the best cameras and after seeing the triple camera setup success from Huawei and Samsung, it is likely Apple will follow suit. Expect a new camera arrangement, standard, zoom and wide angle lens. These cameras will doubtless be best in class, as Apple continues to lead the field in creative mobile camera shots. Apple is very proud of their cameras, and rightly so.

The new cluster for the triple cameras will be an interesting design no doubt too. Apple have a great habit of making the public dislike the new design for 5 minutes, then loving it forever. We are greatly looking forward to it!

5g Ready

The new iPhone XI will probably be 5g ready out of the box. The new wireless standard should be a good system to use, super fast and excellent quality. Do not expect it to be the standard for a number of years however, as Huawei continues to get banned and sue the counties that are banning them . Good to be future proofed though!!