iPhone X: Greatest Ever?

So most of the rumors were true, and we now have the iPhone X, or iPhone 10, in our hands (or will soon!)iphone x tutorial

Apple has pulled off yet another excellent keynote presentation, one the late Steve Jobs would have been proud of. Indeed, it was fitting the the event took place in the newly opened stage in the all new Apple campus in Cupertino, named after the great Mr. Jobs himself. No offence to Samsung, HTC et al, but nobody holds an event like Apple.

The all the leaks were correct; the full-sized screen with ‘cutout’ for camera is present, the camera layout on the rear of the phone has changed and the home button/fingerprint reader is….well its gone! The new way to unlock your iPhone, at least your iPhone X, is with your face. Apple claim to have pioneered advanced face unlock tech and say their system is second to none. It remains untested but if Apple do one thing right, it is bringing existing ‘features’ from other devices and making them their own, through making them excellent. We have no doubt it will be by far the best face unlock system on the planet, bar none.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were also both announced; strong devices with upgraded features over their predecessor. The usual suspects, upgraded processor, camera, new screen tech etc. The one big difference is the glass back is back now from the iPhone 5 to accommodate wireless charging. Again, existing tech, yet Apple will help spread its popularity and bring it to the masses somewhat.

iphone x greatest ever

The iPhone X as yet remains untested, but we know quite a bit. We

expect the camera to be excellent. The new screen will be color accurate and bigger than ever. It will be fast. Really really fast. Optimized software and amazing silicone means Apple always has the best processors on the market, proven time and time again.

The price….is high. Very high. Yet only a little higher than the latest flagship from rivals Samsung, 60 dollars more expensive to be exact. Still, we expect supply to be unable to keep up with demand for many months and the iPhone x will sell like hot cakes.

The greatest iPhone ever? Probably. We cannot wait to see!