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iPhone SE 2020 Preview

iPhone SE 2020 Price

Budget Android phones need to watch out, the reasonably priced iPhone is here and the price is VERY tempting.

Starting at $399, or less with a trade in, the iPhone is going head to head with budget Android handsets such as the Pixel 3a, plethora of budget Samsungs’ and of course the huge amount of other handsets from manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei.

The iPhone does have a distinct advantage though; it is an iPhone. Entry into the Apple ecosystem with a new handset at this low price is going to be hard to turn down for many. Coupled with the high resale value that iPhones command, this is really a great deal.

Apple is also offering a trade in program, starting from the iPhone 6 and up. Starting at $40 off when you trade in your iPhone 6, this saves the time and hassle of selling privately. Of course the more recent the handset and better condition it is; the more money off. Apple is really trying to make the SE a super deal and succeeding in our opinion!

iPhone SE 2020 Hardware

Apple have thrown some old and new hardware at the SE and by and large it looks to have worked.

First off, the body. Gone is the form factor from the iPhone 5 and below, the 4″ screen is officially dead for Apple. They have instead opted for the form factor if the iPhone 8 – 4.7″ screen and single camera module. This may put a few users off, some really really like the smaller form factor. Compared to current flagships and even budget offerings from Apple and Android however, this can be considered a ‘small’ phone. The SE 2020 is dust and water resistant too, bringing it in line with the latest phones and trends.

Next gen Touch ID is here, no face unlock. The home button touch sensor is BLAZING fast, the slightest touch can unlock it and have you at your home screen in milliseconds. Another unlikely bonus is the fact that so many people are wearing face masks now due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Touch ID is both secure and more convenient. The sensors for the Face Unlock unit from the more recent iPhones simply would not fit in the iPhone 8 form factor.

The screen is the same as the one from the iPhone 8, high definition with Apple’s legendary color accuracy. Apple has proven that pixel density is not the most important feature on a phone, have a great screen can be done without using 2k panels and beyond.

One of the most appealing aspects of the new iPhone SE 2020 is that fact that it uses the SOC from the iPhone 11. Yep, the A13 Bionic is powering the SE and it blazes. Having the processor from a 1000 dollar+ iPhone in the budget $399 unit is insane. Probably the fastest mobile processor on ANY phone or tablet in 2002, A13 will handle any game, video processing or productivity tasks you can throw at it. It is a seriously powerful chip.

This bringsa us to the next part, battery life. Although the same size battery as the iPhone 8, coupled with the power of the A13 Bionic, the battery life should be much improved over the older SE handset.

Cameras next, the SE gets the fantastic main sensor from the iPhone 11. This should mean amazing photos from this small phone and some of the best video recording around. The chipset handles all the fancy tricks in the background and the SE should have a stellar camera when review time comes around.

Lastly, the colors. The iPhone SE 2020 comes in white, black and Product (Red). All look great and the red model is a particular standout.

iPhone SE 2020 Software

iOS 13 is the latest major iPhone software version and is of course present on the SE. Nothing new to report here, but the value add of having the latest A13 Bionic on board means Apple will support the 2020 SE with software updates likely into 2025! You simply will not get that commitment in the Android world.

In Conclusion

The iPhone SE 2020 is looking to really disrupt the budget handset market and is well positioned to do so. On and off contract, this is fantastically priced. There is a high probability that this price will win many convertors from Apple to Android back to the Apple ecosystem, especially as Apple has upped its game with iPad and Mac/Macbook releasing some spectacular hardware in the past 12 months. Nobody has a more cohesive and fluid work flow than using Apple device together.

Review will be up soon and we expect it to be a predictable but stellar phone.