Why Choose iPhone Video Lessons?

iPhone 6 Tutorial Video Lessons

Why choose video over a text based lesson? Well, there are many advantages;


  1. Video is easier to consume. Look at the popularity of YouTube. It is now the worlds second biggest search engine, after its big brother Google. This phenomenal growth has been achieved purely because video and video lessons are so simple to consume. They can be kept short, concise and straight to the point. You can see exactly what is going on and follow accordingly.
  2. Video suits more people. For consuming content on-the-go, you cannot beat video lessons. Amazing mobile devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now mean you have a HD quality video player in your pocket at all times!

  3. The iPhone does not come with a user manual. Apple loves minimalism. Their packing is stylish, iconic, functional and….minimalist. Nothing that doesn’t have to be there, is. That means a user manual didn’t make the cut. Not to fear however as the iPhone 6’s easy to use nature along with super helpful video courses such as the one here, mean a user manual will never be needed!
  4. Videos are for life. When you purchase a text manual, you can easily loose it somewhere. The dog can chew it or you spill coffee over it. Can you get another off the seller? Yes, of course, if you pay full price again! Video is available to download and keep on your laptop, phone, wherever. Loose your laptop? Just download it again, as may times as you like, free!! One payment covers all future downloads. Great peace of mind!
  5. Learning form the experts. When you see the videos in action, you know they are created professionally, by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Coupled with an iron clad money back guarantee, there really is no excuse for not choosing video!!

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