Protect Your iPhone

Why use an  internet filter on your iPhone?

We recommend Pageclean

Family safe internet

PageClean blocks adult websites so that your iPad and iPhone can be used by the whole family. Our filter servers prevent adult content sites from loading, while staying fully out of the way for PG rated websites.

Not just for kids

PageClean can withhold unlock codes to help adults struggling with the constant distraction of adult content on their mobile devices. PageClean has helped thousands of adult individuals and couples improve their lives and relationships.

Works in all apps

PageClean works on all apps installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Most adult content blockers only work in a single app, like Safari, but PageClean works for all apps, on wifi or cellular connections.

Supports wifi and cellular

PageClean works with any wifi or 3g cellular connection. Adult content is blocked directly from the network before it gets to your device. PageClean acts as a gatekeeper to the internet so that your filtering rules are automatically applied.

Blocks sexting

PageClean also blocks certain apps, including SnapChat, the popular photo sharing app that allows teens to privately send pictures of themselves without a trace.

Reliable support

PageClean support is just a click away. We are happy to customize your filter to your needs or to provide technical support to get you up and running.

Try our Pageclean at no-risk with a 30 day free trial: