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iPhone 6 Tutorial Part 3

We have covered moving from an older iPhone to the newest iPhone 6 here, now time for the latest part of our iPhone 6 tutorial.

For users who prefer video based tutorials, there are some great ones at this link.

Moving from Android to iPhone 6moving android to iphone

The release of the iPhone 6 has seen record numbers of Android users jumping ship to the Apple camp. Indeed, many commentators spoke for years of how customers were waiting for a bigger iPhone; with the 6 and 6 Plus they got their wish.

Moving platforms needn’t be a big issue, though. It is in companies best interests to make things as simple as possible.

First things first. If you have apps purchased through the Google Play store, bad luck. Your licence does not carry over, you must purchase again. There is anecdotal evidence that contacting some developers and informing them you have moved platform, could they issue you the iPhone version for free, has some rumors around that this works. I have not seen this myself, however if you do not ask, you will not receive! Worth a try possibly.

Moving Contacts

If you had an Android phone, make sure you sync your contacts before you deactivate your old phone. This will allow you to sign into your Google account on your new iPhone 6 and add your contacts (Settings>Accounts)

Your sim card may also contain your contacts, however many people will need to change their sim as the older SIM cards are too large for the new iPhone.

Moving Photos

Best way to do this is to transfer all your photos from your Android phone onto your personal computer. This is simple as the computer should read your phone as a hard disk and transfer is a breeze. I would ALWAYS recommend using a third-party backup also, Box, Dropbox, Sugersync & OneDrive are all popular options. Flikr from Yahoo also offer a lot of storage for photos, free.

This is great as you can login to your nominated account on your new iPhone and see all your photos. Be sure to do this over WiFi as data charges could be hefty.

Once the photos are on your computer, and backed up, you may want to transfer them to your iPhone. To do this, you will need to sync the folder you have transferred them to on the pc with iTunes. They can then be synced with your iPhone 6 if you wish, however given the space photos can take up, this is a personal choice.

Moving Music

Music can be moved in a similar fashion to photos. Transfer to computer, sync with iTunes. When you plug in your phone then the songs will sync also. An ever-growing option now, however, is to use a service like Spotify, Deezer or Google Music. For less than 10 bucks a month you can have all the music you desire, on demand. You will never own this music, but setting up your own playlists and socially sharing these can be fun and are proving popular.