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iPhone 6 Tutorial Part 2

So there are two types of new owners of the new iPhone 6, generally. Current iPhone 5 or earlier upgrades, and Android (or Windows phone) adopters. For people who prefer easy to follow video over text based guides, we recommend this great course here.

Current iPhone Owners Switch Guide:  iphone 6 tutorial

Switching from an iPhone 5 or other iPhone is pretty easy. You should already be quite familiar with the Apple way of doing things; it is just a case of backing everything up to get ready for transfer. iPhone 6 tutorial will walk you through this process.

iTunes gets a bad reputation for being awkward and clunky; its past has not helped it. Although it is still not perfect, it is quite a bit easier to use than a few years ago, and much more trustworthy.

Syncing your phone through iTunes is as simple as opening the program on your PC or Mac and plugging in your phone. You will then be prompted to sync and backup; click ok. Easy as that!

Apple do a great job of keeping all your phone info intact once it is synced; your new iPhone 6 will be setup the same as your existing phone. This makes ease of transition a total breeze.


There are a few more things you can also do to make life easier on yourself. On your current iPhone, there is a n option to backup your photos to the cloud. Use this option if available; should something go awry with iTunes, this will save your precious memories. If you have a Dropbox or other backup account also, great. Backup here too. My view is when it comes to precious memories such as personal photos; you cannot take too many precautions.

Your contacts should all be backed up to your Apple account. Keep note of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & whatever other social accounts you may use. You will have to login to these again on your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, so get yourself prepared!

Your phone iCloud backup should be sufficient for most people. If you are on a good WiFi network and don’t want to connect to a computer, this will be the easiest option for you. Photos, contact, calendars, email, notes etc. will all be backup up.

Once you have backed up and inserted your new sim, just login with with Apple account details. After sync, your iPhone 6 should be laid out exactly the same way as your old iPhone was. Apple have done an amazing job at keeping tings as familiar as possible, kudos!

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