iphone 6 for beginners
iphone 6

iPhone 6 For Beginners

Many people will choose an Apple mobile as their first ever smartphone. The iPhone 6 for beginners guide should provide a solid introduction for any newbie iPhone 6 or 6 Plus owners.

1. Unboxing.

Open you new baby carefully, go easy with the knife or scissors on the packaging. You do not want to damage the packaging OR the phone here by doing something careless. Just use a sharp small point and gently take off the outer plastic. Keep the packaging safe and in good condition; it will be handy when you go to resell.

Great news here, iPhones’ hold their value tremendously; some of the highest resale values of any electronic product.

Slide the top lid off gently and make sure not to angle it too much; your new iPhone could easily slip from the bottom packaging. Your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus should be perched proudly on top, its screen a beautiful deep black. Carefully remove your new iPhone and get ready to play…..

2. Powering your iPhone 6 on.

You shouldn’t need to plug your new iPhone 6 in straight away, most units will come with almost a full charge out of the box. This gives you the chance to sit down, relax and set up your brand new toy. Hold down the power/lock button located conveniently down the right side of the phone for a few seconds. The Apple logo should appear and you are ready to rock!

3. Creating an Apple account.

Apple have designed the iPhone so it does not have to be tethered to a computer or laptop ever now. Previous iPhones’ needed to be synced with iTunes on a computer to get the full use. Not now however; the iPhone can be set up straight out of the box and a new Apple account created easily.

Most people will have an email account already. Great; you can set up using this if you wish. Alternatively, Apple can provide you with your own personal Apple email account, complete with a .me email name. Registration is a necessity if you want to download apps, music or movies, and of course you will!!

Setup should not take more than a few minutes, the steps are easy to follow and there’s very little chance of messing anything up! Any details that may need to be changed after can be edited, no worries there.

Once all is setup, time to jump into the main attraction- using the phone itself!

4. Finding Your Way Around iOS

Apple has a reputation for making their products extremely user friendly and the iPhone is the epitomy of this philosophy. Getting around the iPhone is a breeze and anyone from a toddler to pensioner can easily navigate the icons and menus. There’s no point telling you how to do this; you can find out easily for yourself!!

All you need to know is don’t be afraid; you cannot delete something you shouldn’t or mess anything up. Its a great user experience and is fluid and safe to use.

Anyone needing a little extra help should check out the video tutorials here. They are easy to follow and completely foolproof!

In summary.

Having an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is all about the wonderful user experience. Getting started is a breeze, follow the above steps and take your time to enjoy the wonderfully crafted piece of electronics you have purchased.

Good Luck!!