iPhone 6 Battery Woes

Apple has recently acknowledged that a small number of iPhone 6 may suffer a battery issue which can cause the phone to switch off at 30%

Apple has stated this is only affecting a small batch of the iPhone 6 model but has still not made any decision on how to deal with the issue. An interesting thing to note is Apple very rarely admits any sort of quality issues with its’ products; they have generally adopt a stance of silence.

One thing Apple is VERY reliable about is updates for it’s devices, even older ones. Android users can only look on in awe at the support Apple gives its handsets 3-4+ years old. Android devices condier themselves lucky to get a small security patch after 18 months!

So, what can users do in the meantime? Well, there are a few steps they can take:

Stop clearing apps from multitasking menu. This is a bad habit many iPhone 6 users get into. Double tapping to bring up open apps and swiping away actually uses MORE battery than it saves! iOS is optimized to have several apps open in background and having to reload them every time uses battery juice. Leave them running!

Make sure to keep phone updated. The above mentioned software updates may sort out the bug. This will be buried in the release notes and not easy to distinguish but if it solves the issue…who cares!

Factory Reset. Backup and reset. Nobody likes this option but sometimes its a necessary evil. And hey, you get the fun feeling of setting up your phone like new if you like after!

Check your apps. You may not have a faulty battery at all. Many times a rogue app will be the issue, draining your battery and causing all sorts of problems for the OS to deal with. If you have installed any new apps, delete them and see if the problem persists. Could be as simple as that!

External battery pack. These things are everywhere now. Small, light and so so handy. Plus your phone in at 40% or so and have another worry free few hours away fro the dreaded 30% battery mark.