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How To Group Facetime on iPhone

One of the most convenient new features of iOS 12.1 is the ability to group Facetime on your iPhone and iPad, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, iPad. All users will love this new feature from Apple. Here’s how to use it;


How To Group Facetime on iPhone group facetime


1. Open Facetime app

2. Select contact or add group contacts by pressing the + button in top right hand corner of the screen

3. Up to 30 contacts can be added to a group Facetime call at once. Start adding!

4. Hit the Audio or Video button to place your call

5. Watch that group Facetime magic take place before your eyes!


All devices capable of running iOS 12.1 have some sort of access to group Facetime, albeit for older devices this is audio only. Newer devices such as the iPhone X and iPhone XS also have the ability to use Memoji and stickers that track the object they are stuck to, similar to Snapchat or Instagram. Good YouTube video example here


How To Group Facetime on iPhone Using iMessage  group facetime


  1. Open iMessage
  2. Select the group you wish to open group Facetime
  3. Tap the area at the top of the screen with contact photos and list of names
  4. The menu will reveal the option for Facetime
  5.  Every person in the group will be notified and given the option to join the group Facetime


Active members of the group Facetime can turn on and off their cameras and audio as they wish, and even hop in and out of the group Facetime as long as there are other active members in that session.

Group Facetime is one of the most underrated new features from Apple and we think people will have a LOT of fun in future as the feature becomes more stable and developed.