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How To Close Apps on iPhone X

How To Close Apps on iPhone X & iPhone XS

In the latest version of iOS, to date this is iOS 12.1, there has been an improvement in the way apps are closed on the iPhone X, iPhone XS & XS Max and iPhone XR. Here’s how;

  1. Swipe up and hold to open the multitasking windows to show all open apps
  2. Scroll through to find the desired app to be closed
  3. A quick swipe upwards action will close the app
  4. To close multiple apps at once just use 2-3 fingers to swipe up
  5. Repeat as desired

This update is an improvement on the cumbersome way apps were closed in previous versions of iOS (gesture based). Before, the app multitasking window would need to be opened and if the user swiped up as would feel natural, the app would just be minimized again, not closed. To force close the app, the multitasking window would have to be opened using the swipe up and pause method, then long press on the app needed to be closed. A red X would appear on the top right corner and only then would the swipe up to force close the app work.

These continual small improvements make iOS a nicer UI to use. Thanks Apple!

Here’s a great video on how to do this quickly and easily;