How Apple Watch Has Exceeded Expectations

When Apple announced the Apple Watch, it was met an air of cynicism and an underwhelming sense that Apple had finally messed up a product launch. Android Wear had been out a while and it looked like Apple was playing catch up. Many commentators pointed out its unusual app layout, likely terrible battery life and hefty price tag as a product that was dead in the water before it even


Yet, Apple have knocked it out of the park once again.

Under Tim Cook’s guidance, this is the first ‘new’ Apple product since the iPad. Apple have been performing great on the stock market and their devices are more popular than ever, but there had not been anything new from the Cupertino outfit for a while. Apple Watch had a lot to live up to.

So, Apple did what it does best. Slowly stoked the hype machine until everyone was desperate to get their hands on the latest Apple gadget. Apple’s marketing is less of a business and more of an art at this stage; nobody does it better. Of course, good marketing will only get you so far. Did the Apple Watch live up to the lofty expectations?

Thankfully, yes. The reviews are in and, by and large, they are great. Comparing to its nearest competitor, Android Wear (Moto 360 & LG Urbane in particular), the Apple Watch has been called the best of the bunch. As usual, Apple has come up with a solid first gen product that, well, just works.

Battery life is actually decent, with the legendary Apple standby time still intact. The UI, although needing some tweaks, works great and is intuitive as always. Any issues can also be dealt with software updates.

Of course, Apple has a great many app developers on board already and new Apple Watch apps are being added daily, with support between phone and watch growing at a quick rate.

Build quality is fantastic as ever with the digital crown receiving rave reviews for its implementation. Price….well its not cheap but is definately just about affordable at the base level Sport model. It is, of course, a luxury item with the top end Edition models running into the tens of thousands. Crazy? Absolutely. Will it sell? You bet it will.

Apple has once again exceeded expectations and yes, they have another hit on their hands.