Getting Started


Well done; you have picked up the most popular phone in the world! With good reason too, the iPhone 6 and its’ big brother represent the finest mobile experience money can buy. 75 million ( and counting!) users cannot be wrong!

So you are ready to get started with your wonderful new piece of Apple tech, ready to make all your friends green with envy. There is a great video course available here for anyone not looking for text based tutorials.

Unboxing Your iPhone 6.iphone 6 tutorial unboxing

One of the best parts of picking up a new phone is undoubtedly the initial unboxing. Indeed, this is so popular that there are dedicated YouTube channels just dedicated to unboxing the latest mobile devices!

First of all, you will need a nice sharp, safe blade. A small craft knife should do the trick, just keep it away from little hands after! Carefully slice through the think plastic between the lid and box, where it lifts off. Once this packagin is discarded, time for the big reveal. Lifting the top lid gently and slowing, your new best friend comes into view. The iPhone 6 in all its factory fresh glory.

Take a moment to behold, this is the latest and greatest smartphone from the worlds leading tech company. Lift eh iPhone out gently and place to one side. Check the rest of the box to make sure it has sim tray ejector, charger and wall plug, and Apple Earpods.

Next you will want to take the sim ejector tool and carefully pop out the tray. Place your sim  on the tray and slide it gently back into the phone, making sure it is in securely and the tray is back flush with the body.

Now for a very personal choice. To take off the factory front screen protector or not? Many will leave it on until it falls off. I prefer to peel it off; the sound it makes it very satisfying as it peels off!This also reveals the full quality of the beautiful screen Apple have adorned the iPhone 6 with. Sharp and bright, it really is a sight to behold. Apple revolutionsised the industry with the Retina display; it continues to innovate with the beautiful panels it uses on the newest iPhones.

Head over to Part 2 to continue the iPhone 6 plus tutorial.