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  • iPhone 13 Foldable Display?

    iPhone 13 Foldable Display?

    Rumors are starting to gather pace about the iPhone 13 and the possibility of an iPhone with a foldable display coming in 2021, but is it an ACTUAL possibility? Technology Apple is like most of the tech companies out there right now – ahead of the pack in some regards and lagging behind a little […]

  • iPhone 13 2021

    iPhone 13 2021

    The number 13 is unlucky for some, but in the case of iPhone 13, we can expect this to be as big a seller as ever for the Cupertino giants. Apple has really refined their mobile devices in recent years and the latest offerings are consistent in every area. Battery life, cameras, screens and software […]

  • iPhone SE 2020: Flagship Killer?

    iPhone SE 2020: Flagship Killer?

    With the new budget iPhone due for release on 24th April 2020, we must ask what impact will this have on the premium and mid-range priced phone market, if any? iPhone SE vs Premium iPhone An difficult choice faces the customer looking for an iPhone in future. Previously, the used iPhone market was thriving and […]

  • iPhone SE 2020 Preview

    iPhone SE 2020 Preview

    iPhone SE 2020 Price Budget Android phones need to watch out, the reasonably priced iPhone is here and the price is VERY tempting. Starting at $399, or less with a trade in, the iPhone is going head to head with budget Android handsets such as the Pixel 3a, plethora of budget Samsungs’ and of course […]

  • 2019. Apple’s Best Year?

    2019. Apple’s Best Year?

    Why do I make such a heady claim? No new products of note were introduced, the iPhone, Macbook and Airpods still all look more or less the same as last year, so why say this was a great year? Aren’t we getting ‘boring’ Apple as usual?! Well…. no. And let me explain why. iPhone iPhone […]

  • iPhone XI (11) News and Rumors

    iPhone XI (11) News and Rumors

    2019 will see the release of the next gen iPhone, as the 12 month refresh cycle continues. While most large Android manufacturers settle into a 6-month cycle for some oft their flagship devices, Apple stick to the yearly update. As last year was an ‘S’ year, we should be getting the iPhone 11 (XI) this […]

  • How To Group Facetime on iPhone

    How To Group Facetime on iPhone

    One of the most convenient new features of iOS 12.1 is the ability to group Facetime on your iPhone and iPad, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, iPad. All users will love this new feature from Apple. Here’s how to use it;   How To Group Facetime on iPhone    1. […]