First off; congratulations on the purchase of your brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. You are now the proud owner of what 75 million + people rate as the best mobile device on the planet!

The sales for both these handsets has surpassed all expectations, Apple initially struggled to keep up with demand but the iPhone 6 and its big brother are now widely available worldwide. Since its announcement, media has been buzzing with praise for these premium but accessible phones. Previews, reviews, unboxings’, drop tests, the iPhone 6 has been really put through its paces.

The result? Well what Apple will claim as their greatest phone, ever, reviewers are falling over themselves to lavish praise in it. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been a critical success, as well as a consumer triumph. Experts cannot get enough of the incredible screen, fantastic camera and overall speed of the device. Months later, it is still the best handset on the market, by a long shot.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has seen many users of other mobile operating systems, namely Android and Windows Phone devices, jumping ship to become iPhone owners. Apples decision to finally increase screen size, and in the case of the 6 Plus, increase it significantly, have paid dividends. Recent numbers have shown that the exodus from Android to iOS has been massive. Tim Cook commented  on this also recently.

This change in operating systems has been difficult for some users however. iOS 10 is a very slick, easy to use operating system but it does have advanced features for users to make the most of it. The reason for iPhone’s unprecedented popularity is doubtless in part because of its seemingly simple operating system. This is partly true; almost anyone can jump in and start using an iPhone immediately.

However to make the most of it, using a tutorial is a great idea. When a person has spent a lot of money on such a classy phone, they really want to use it to its full potential! From setting wallpapers to finding the perfect ringtone, using notification widgets to getting Siri to work for you, iPhone 6 tutorials can help you out.

With iOS 10, Apple has really upped its game and now has huge potential for customization should the user wish to do so. Of course, the drawing point of Apples mobile operating system for years has been its simplicity; this has remained intact also. From the novice to the advanced iPhone owner, the 6 and 6 Plus has something for everyone. Years of tweaking and testing have resulted in a stable, fluid and user-friendly operating system which is a joy to use.

Apple also has the advantage of pushing out updates when needed to ALL its devices almost simultaneously. Google’s latest update, Lollipop, has been something of a disaster. Only a small fraction of handsets actually have the update; these are also best with bugs. Needless to say, this has pushed many Android owners to Apples stable, solid user experience. Apple really takes care of its customers in this regard; updates are released swiftly and painlessly to all compatible devices.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will continue to be a runaway success for the foreseeable future. Apple has a history of supporting its devices years after release, so buyers are safe in the knowledge their phone is future-proofed. Using a an iPhone 6 tutorial is a great way of getting the most from your device.

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